Touring map

Madagaskar Tourenkarte

Touring plan

1st day: Arrival to Paris
2nd day: Tana - Tsimbazaza
3th day: Ambatolampy
4th day: Antsirabe
5th day: Miandrivazo
06.-8th day: Fluss Tsiribihina
9th day: Belo Tsiribihina
10th day: Bekopaka
11th day: Tsingy de Bemaraha
12th day: Kirindy, Allee Baobab
13th day: Morondava - Tana
14th day: Manambato
15th day: Akanin'ny Nofy
16th day: Tamatave - Andasibe
17th day: Analamazaotra-Park
18th day: Marozevo - Tana
19th day: Ambohimanga - Paris
20th day: Arrival Paris

Trips and journeys

Adventure Special

Madagaskar Land und Leute
Journey by dugout to the west coast with visit of the national park „Tsingy de Bemaraha“. This national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


1st day: journey to Paris

Individual journey to Paris. On request, it’s possible to start the journey from several airports in Germany to Paris. Please ask for it. In the evening flight to Antananarivo (Tana), the capital city of Madagascar.

2nd day: Arrival at Antananarivo

Arrival at Antananariva (Tana), Ivato Airport. Check-out and transfer to the Hotel. Welcome and further information about the journey. After that visit of the zoological botanical garden Tsimbazaza and the museum. We get a first impression of the variety of Madagascar’s Flora and Fauna. Hotel Gregoire or equivalent, bed and breakfast.

3rd day: Ambatolampy

Drive to Ambatolampy at the foot of the Tsiavajavona, the third highest mountain of Madagascar (2643 metre). Walk to the peak, Visit to the village of the magician. (Madagascar’s shaman-cult), picnic. Walk back through the very worth seeing wood where still primary plants are found. Many rare orchids too. Hotel Rendezvous de Pecheurs in Ambatolampy or equivalent, bed, breakfast.

4th day: Antsirabe

Trip to Antsirabe in the highlands. After lunch drive to the volcanic lake Tritiva and visit to a precious stone grinder. Many different minerals are found here. Hotel Diamant or equivalent, bed and breakfast

5th day: Miandrivazo

We got to Miandrivazo the Starting point to our three day boating. Enough time for a cosy walk along the Mahajilo river. Bungalows Rasalimo or equivalent, bed and breakfast.

6th day: Boating on the Tsiribihina

Today we will start into our three day adventure, the boating through nearly untouched wilderness with a touch of dangerous. We will see plants and animals only existing in this part of the world. Overnight stay in a camp at the river, full board.

7th day: Boating on the Tsiribihina

Second day on the river. We reach the Anosin-Ampla waterfall. Opportunity to enjoy a cold shower and the wonderful place too. Overnight stay in a camp at the river, full board.

8th day: Boating on the Tsiribihina

On our way with crocodiles, flying dogs and lemurs we see some big caves and also protected waterholes, which invites to swim and to find out. Overnight stay in a camp at the river, full board.

9th day: Belo Tsiribihina

End of our adventure on the river. We arrive in Belo Tsiribihina around midday. After a camping excursion finally we have the possibility of a shower in a bathroom. Hotel Du Menabe or equivalent, bed and breakfast.

10th day: Bekopaka

We continue to Bekopaka (Tsingy de Bemaraha). In this region you can see plants and animals which have become rare even on Madagascar. We'll go there on an excursion to see a part of this flora and fauna. Overnight  with breakfast at Olymp or equivalent.

11th day: Tsingy de Bemaraha

Today we visit the national park of Tsingy de Bemaraha. Tsingys are a sharp limestone with peaks up to 30m high. The tsingy de Bemaraha extend over a 157 710 ha area - an impressive natural phenomenon. Overnight/breakfast at Olymp or equivalent.

12th day: Morondava

Drive back to Morondava past the famous "Allee des Baobabs" to the western cost. On the way we visit the natural reserve of Kirindy where German and Swiss scientist do research. Bungalows Renala or equivalent, bed and breakfast.

13th day: Tana

Depending on the flight departure time, transfer to the airport and flight back to Tana. Hotel Gregoire or equivalent, bed and breakfast.

14th day: Manambato

We are heading for the east coast to Manambato at the Pangalanes-channel. We cross the high fog rain forest. Then we take a boat to the Ampitabe-lake. Overnight stay in one of the famous “bush-houses" of Akanin'ny Nofy. The local houses are very plain but clean. Overnight halfboard.

15th day: Akanin Ny Nofy

The region of Akanin'ny Nofy is a great nature reserve situated in the eastern part of Madagascar. Beautiful beaches with clear water will invite us for swimming and recreation. Or we can visit the park Palmarium or an nearly unspoiled village. Bush-houses, overnight/half board 

16th day: Tamatave - Analamazaotra

We start in the early morning. Four hours by boat on the longest channel of the world will bring us to Tamatave, the most important port of Madagascar. A driver will pick us up and bring us to the nature reserve Analamazaotra near Andasibe. Bungalow Feon’ny Ala or euquivalent, bed and breakfast.

17th day: Word of animals and plants

After breakfast an excursion in the national park. We hope to meet the Indri-Indri, the popular wood ghost of the Madagascan. It is the biggest still alive lemur. The day is reserved to the study of Madagascar’s Flora and Fauna. Bungalow Feon’ny Ala or equivalent, bed and breakfast.

18th day: Marozeva - Tana

Back to Tana. On the way we make a stop at the private reptile farm of Peireyras in Marozevo. With a little bit luck we will see the biggest butterfly on earth (named Komet). Hotel Gregoire or equivalent, bed and breakfast.

19th day: Tana - Flight back to Paris

This morning visit of the king hill Abohimanga. The rest of the is at your own disposal. It is possible to visit the artisan market "Marche d’Artisanat". In the afternoon transfer to the airport Ivato, where we check in for the return flight to Paris.

20th day: Arrival in Paris

Arrival in Paris in the morning. Then individual journey to the respective place of residence.

Trips and offers:

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