Trips and journeys

Madagascar, the island of lemurs – a unique world of nature in the Indian Ocean, it remains something of a secret treasure, an insider’s tip. Very few Europeans travel to this interesting and unspoiled land.

The island itself is rich in contrasts, and this is naturally reflected when travelling and exploring. All journeys begin on the high ground of Antananarivo, the capital. Whether your journey then heads north via Diégo-Suarez or south-west through the rain forest to Tuléar, you can always expect extreme changes of atmosphere. Madagascar is a paradise for botanists, zoologists and geologists. To any individual willing to take on the unspoiled natural environment, we will gladly make a tailored offer.


There is no fixed date for group. We organize our tours at any time, according to your wishes.


Hotel arrangements may be subject to alteration. Departure times of flights can be postponed by as much as several days, as airlines can change their operating days in the course of the year. All remaining trips are then reorganised in accordance with customers’ wishes.

Suitable vehicles are arranged in accordance with the number of travellers (1-8) to ensure the best value. English- or German-speaking guides are available, as is the option to travel without a guide. These trips can also be reorganised on an individual basis depending on areas of interest.

Whether as part of an organised programme or as an extra, we can also offer a few refreshing and therapeutic days for a chance to bathe, as required. Tours on the themes of mineral wealth, ornithology and botany are available by arrangement, but require planning and booking well in advance due to time restraints and the availability of skilled personnel.

When booking, please bear in mind the peak-season periods of 18.Dec. – 31.Dec. and 01.Jul. – 20.Aug.