Social Project

Bonne Ecole
A group photo of the smaller and higher schoolchildren with her teachers and instructors.

Social project
Association "A Bonne Ecole" - The good school

The association "A BONNE ECOLE" approved by the state in October 2002     (no. 166/2000 of 9-1-2000) was founded by Monique von der Heijden.
It is a registered charitable organisation and not profit-making business.
The organisation deals with the arrangement of sponsorship for needy children. With the help of the sponsorship basic knowledge is imparted to the children. The school fees and the school needs are organised by the association.   The school progress and the health of the children are also checked during the school year by the association.
Thus far 310 children have already been cared for in this way.
With the sponsorships the association has set up SKEOLY A BONE ECOLE, a nursery school in the district Androhibes in 2001. The construction and the facilities were financed by "Collèe Mill Hill" from the Netherlands.

Two employees were recruited by the Swiss company "Alphaverre" in the first year. The Swiss organisation Zanatany supported the project with teaching material and pay . 60 children can be taken by this nursery school every year.

Our motto:
With the children of today we prepare the future of the children of tomorrow.

A group photo of the lower- and upper-year schoolchildren with their teachers and instructors.